On his new release, Dog Steal The Moon, Shmitt follows up the critical success of his debut release, Nothing Is Real, by delivering a new collection of songs that's sure to delight existing fans and win some new ones. Shmitt's trademark ballads are made even more poignant by their juxtaposition to a set of uptempo rockers that prove Shmitt's ability to crank it up on tape. (Anyone who has seen Shmitt perform live already knows the boy can rock.) Shmitt, with his second release, demonstrates consistency in his ability to craft an album in the truest sense of the word. Written, performed, arranged and produced by Shmitt, this emerging artist showcases once again his audio-fluency, and capacity to conceptualize and actualize his project.

Dog Steal the Moon

001 Wings of Love
002 Anybody's Arms
003 Somebody Else's Mone
004 Rock Me Away
005 I Think You're Cool
006 Oct. 21st
007 Pearl Necklace
008 Donna Marie Rose
009 Way Back Home
010 Sunglasses
011 Hey, Ma
012 A Grief Age

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